About The Team

We started bariatric and Metabolic Surgery in 2009 and so far have exceeded 100 successful operations performed in total Laparoscopic (Key hole) manner. The main types of operations performed by my team are Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, Laproscopic Mini- Gastric bypass and Laproscopic Roux – en –Y gastric by pass.

Over 90% of patients who were followed up beyond 2 years have reached their normal body weight to height. Resolution of diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease and obstructive sleep apnoea was over 80% in patients who were followed up beyond 2 years. All 6 patients who were operated due to subfertility conceived within 2 years after bariatric surgery. Our perioperative morbidity and mortality rates has been well within accepted range and are comparable to high volume bariatric center in a developed country.

What you can Expect

With the years of experience, we have streamlined the bariatric surgery assessment and surgical procedures according to set protocols which would cause minimal inconvenience to patients with ensuring maximum possible safety.


The decision whether you are suitable for a Bariatric surgical procedure needs to be decided by a medical specialist in obesity (by an Endocrinologist) Thereafter you will undergo detailed assessment by cardiologist, Respiratory Physician, Nutritionist, Anesthetist and psychologist if required. You are encouraged to communicate with the Bariatric Surgery patient support group and attend support group meeting and seminars where you will directly interact and obtain information from patients who have undergone surgery under the care of my team.


Meanwhile we will discuss suitable surgical options for you where the exact operation is generally decided by you and your family. Prior to taking this decision you and your immediate family members are encouraged to educate yourselves with regard to the surgical procedures, the mode of action in each procedure and their benefits and complications. With this knowledge you will be given several opportunities to discuss with the surgeon to decide on the operation which best suits you. All patients have to undergo an Upper GI Endoscopy prior to deciding on Surgery. Similarly, the operative and post operative period is also protocol driven to minimize discomfort to you and for speedy recovery and discharge from hospital. Immediately after Surgery you will recover in ICU and usual ICU stay is less than 12 hours. You will start drinking 3 hours after surgery and will be encouraged to move out of bed and go to toilet 3-4 hours after surgery. Except in special circumstances you will not have any urinary catheters, Naso-gastric tubes or abdominal drains after surgery. Average Hospital stay for our patients after Surgery is 48 hours and many go back to work within the first week after surgery. After Surgery you will be given instructions on the follow up and one must remember that post Bariatric Surgery follow up is life long.

Our Doctor

Dr Thejana Wijeratne is a board certified General Surgeon with special interest in Upper Gastro-Intestinal, Pancreatico-Billiary and Laparoscopic Surgery who has had advanced training in two high volume upper GI and Bariatric surgical centers in Australia including a Surgical Fellow post in the above field for one year.  Since returning back to Sri Lanka he has established Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery with the help of a multi-disciplinary team of highly capable and committed specialists relevant to the field over last 8 years.


He has been involved in many research and scientific work in the field of bariatric surgery and several papers and presentations have been done locally and internationally based on the follow up data of patients operated by his team. He has conducted several live operating workshops and symposia to enhance the knowledge of these operations among health care specialists in Sri Lanka. He is a member of the IFSO (International Federation for Surgery for Obesity) and also a member of several regional associations on deciding on guidelines for the region on management of obesity. Dr. Wijeratne has been invited to several scientific meetings both locally and Internationally to speak on Bariatric Surgery related topics and have been awarded an Oration on the same.